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Kinomiya jinjya, located in Atami, is a beautiful shrine cherished by the local community and tourists. Situated amidst the serene mountains of Atami, this shrine offers a sense of tranquility and peace to those who visit, along with its picturesque natural surroundings.

Kinomiya jinjya boasts a history of several hundred years and is renowned for its sacred atmosphere and traditional architectural style. The main hall and torii gate are adorned with a beautiful vermilion color, welcoming worshippers. Within the shrine grounds, a sacred forest stretches out, accompanied by well-maintained gardens and stone-paved paths. The shrine is surrounded by quiet mountains, exuding a mystical ambiance.


Serving as the guardian deity of Atami,Kinomiya jinjya garners trust and respect from the local community. Many people visit the shrine to seek protection from misfortune or to offer their prayers and wishes. The shrine experiences a lively atmosphere during annual events like New Year’s visits and Setsubun, where numerous visitors gather to enjoy the festivities.

In the vicinity of Kinomiya jinjya, there are various attractions and hot springs for visitors to enjoy. One can indulge in relaxing moments at the hot springs or savor delicious seafood and local cuisine. Additionally, the shrine’s proximity to the beautiful coastline and scenic hiking trails allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

Of notable fame at Kinomiya jinjya is a magnificent large tree. Towering near the main hall, this tree captures the attention of many worshippers and tourists alike.

This large tree is said to be several hundred years old, a majestic cedar that commands attention with its impressive stature and splendid branches. Gazing up at this tree, visitors can feel the weight of its history and the sacredness it embodies.

When visiting, be sure to witness this famous large tree. Its grandeur and presence, combined with the unique atmosphere of Kinomiya jinjya, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your heart.


The address you provided is: 43-1 Nishiyama-cho, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan.

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