IWATE-Hanamaki Onsen

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The other day, I went to Hanamaki Onsen!

Hanamaki Onsen is a hot spring resort located in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture. Hanamaki City is located in the northwestern part of Iwate Prefecture, and the hot springs are scattered along the valley of the Kitakami River on the north side of the city center.

A hot spring refers to naturally springing water from deep underground. Hot springs contain various components, and their effects vary depending on the components. The components that are commonly found include chloride, sulfate, hydrogen carbonate, radon, and iron, and their effects include improving skin beauty, alleviating muscle and joint pain, and providing relaxation.

Hot springs have been popular in Japan since ancient times, and hot spring resorts have been developed and used by many people. Today, there are many hot spring resorts throughout Japan, including hot spring inns, hotels, and day trip hot spring facilities. Many people visit hot springs to relax and maintain their health.

Hanamaki Onsen, which I would like to introduce this time, has a large number of hot springs and rich spring quality with diverse effects. In particular, it is famous as “Bijin-no-Yu” which has a beauty effect. There are also many hotels and inns along the valley where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons.

There are also inns in the mountains where you can enjoy secret hot springs and outdoor baths in Hanamaki Onsen. In addition, there are many hot springs scattered throughout Hanamaki City, centering on the Hanamaki Onsen district, and it is recommended to go hot spring hopping.

The nearest Shinkansen station to Hanamaki Onsen is “Shin-Hanamaki Station” on the Tohoku Shinkansen line. It is about a 10-minute drive from Shin-Hanamaki Station to the Hanamaki city center.

There are also bus routes that are convenient to access from the Shinkansen station in Hanamaki City. In addition, you can also reach Hanamaki Onsen from “Morioka Station” on the Shinkansen in about 40 minutes by car or bus.

There are over 20 hot spring facilities in Hanamaki Onsen, and there are also many hot spring facilities in the surrounding areas. There are many hot springs in Iwate Prefecture, including Hanamaki City.

Note that there are other transportation access points in Hanamaki City, such as Hanamaki Station and Hanamaki Airport. Some tourist attractions and accommodations offer shuttle services from the Shinkansen station, so it is recommended to check in advance.

Kenji Miyazawa's Fairy Tale Village

This is a photo at Kenji Miyazawa’s Fairy Tale Village near Hanamaki Station.

The address you provided is: 1-1 Odori, Hanamaki, Iwate, Japan.

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