MIYAGI-Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson

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Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson is a sacred Buddhist site located in the Yanaizu district of Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture, and is a temple dedicated to the Bodhisattva Kokuzo Bosatsu, a symbol of compassion and wisdom. Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson, also called Yanaizu Temple, is a historical temple that is said to have been opened in the Heian period.

Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson is located in a place surrounded by the surrounding mountains and nature, making the worshipers feel calm and peaceful. Inside the temple, there is a main hall that enshrines Kokuzoson, and a hall that enshrines Kannon Bodhisattva and Jizo Bodhisattva, and many worshipers visit.

Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson is believed to ward off evil and fulfill wishes, and is worshiped by many. Yanaizu Onsen is also nearby and is popular with tourists.

The precincts of Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson are surrounded by mountains and rich nature. As a result, the air is clear and contains phytoncides (fragrant compounds produced by plants) emitted from the trees, giving the air a very refreshing feeling.

Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson

As a temple that enshrines Kokuzo Bosatsu, it also has an air of religious devotion. It seems that many of the visitors feel a sense of peace while being enveloped in this atmosphere.

It is said that the sacred cedar trees that stand in the precincts of Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson have the effect of making the air even clearer. The atmosphere that nature and history interweave gives visitors a calm feeling.

In the precincts, there is a cedar tree called “Shinboku no Sugi”. This cedar tree is said to be over 800 years old and towers behind the main hall on the grounds.

The sacred cedar tree is a huge tree with a trunk that is about 9 meters thick and a circumference of about 28 meters. In addition, the branches and leaves of cedar trees cover the main hall, which is said to have the effect of keeping cool in the summer and keeping out the cold in the winter.

Oshu Yanaizu Kokuzoson is located in a place in harmony with nature, and the sacred cedar tree has been handed down along with nature as part of it. It is a wonderful place that makes visitors feel the greatness and mystery of nature.

There are cafes and general stores operated by the temple nearby, and delicious drinks, meals, original herbal teas, and pottery are also attractive.

The address you provided is: 63 Yanagitsu, Oyanotsu, Tsuyama-cho, Tome, Miyagi, Japan.

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