AOMORI-towada lake

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Lake Towada is a lake that spans both Towada City, Aomori Prefecture and Kosaka Town, Kazuno District, Akita Prefecture. As a Japanese lake, it ranks third in maximum depth at 326.8 meters and twelfth in area.

towada lake

I recently went to the Oirase Stream, where a promenade is maintained along the stream and several waterfalls are scattered along the way. The natural scenery with huge rocks, steep cliffs, abundant trees, and waterfalls of various sizes was refreshing.

towada lake

I also joined the Grirand tour, which circumnavigates the lake while receiving explanations on a raft. It costs around 5,000 yen per boat for up to 8 people. The emerald green lake and the surrounding greenery were very easy on the eyes. Depending on the location, the boat can move quite fast, and there were some thrilling amusement park-like attractions. It was really enjoyable.

I stayed at the Oku-Akita Keiryu Hotel, a Hoshino Resort, where there were works by Taro Okamoto in the building and garden.

It is a perfect place for those who seek nature and relaxation, as the hotel is located along the Oirase Stream.

My recommendation is the apple pie shop called “Marine Blue” near Lake Towada. The pies are handmade and filled with plenty of Aomori Prefecture’s “Fuji” apples, which are sweet and delicious. They don’t use cinnamon, so it’s safe for those who don’t like it. It costs 500 yen per slice, but I ate one slice on the spot and bought four more slices as souvenirs to take home!

Marine Blue apple pie
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